Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday, January 3, 2008

December Recap

I tried very hard to keep track of every cent I spent in December. I missed a few days. But approximately, I spent so much in the categories that follow:
  • Necessities (Rent/Utils/Transport) $1373.87
  • Grocery:$157.11
  • Lunch Buying:$77.83
  • Bkfast buying:$24.67
  • Snacks:$19
  • Dinner take out:$18
  • Toiletteries:$22.27
  • Eat/drink out:$113.7
  • Drinks:$56.76
  • Clothes:$137.43 (I won't be buying anything again until summer)
  • Want buy:$124.01(mostly Christmas related since I had some people over)
  • Health:$102.25
  • Gifts:$478.79
  • Travel:$295.3
  • Entertainment:$21
  • Fees:$3.45(was too lazy and drunk to use my own bank's ATM while out with friends)
  • Laundry:$20
  • Salon:$162.37 (Hair Cut after 6 months!!Mani etc tips inclusive)
  • Hairy Harry:$235 (That's my dog and his upkeep)
  • Misc:$51.46
The Grand total was $3494.27 (plus a few days record I missed)

The goal this month will be to reduce lunch/breakfast/snack/drinks/want buys.