Thursday, January 3, 2008

December Recap

I tried very hard to keep track of every cent I spent in December. I missed a few days. But approximately, I spent so much in the categories that follow:
  • Necessities (Rent/Utils/Transport) $1373.87
  • Grocery:$157.11
  • Lunch Buying:$77.83
  • Bkfast buying:$24.67
  • Snacks:$19
  • Dinner take out:$18
  • Toiletteries:$22.27
  • Eat/drink out:$113.7
  • Drinks:$56.76
  • Clothes:$137.43 (I won't be buying anything again until summer)
  • Want buy:$124.01(mostly Christmas related since I had some people over)
  • Health:$102.25
  • Gifts:$478.79
  • Travel:$295.3
  • Entertainment:$21
  • Fees:$3.45(was too lazy and drunk to use my own bank's ATM while out with friends)
  • Laundry:$20
  • Salon:$162.37 (Hair Cut after 6 months!!Mani etc tips inclusive)
  • Hairy Harry:$235 (That's my dog and his upkeep)
  • Misc:$51.46
The Grand total was $3494.27 (plus a few days record I missed)

The goal this month will be to reduce lunch/breakfast/snack/drinks/want buys.

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change is a good thing said...

Great job with all the detail on your tracking. Now that you see where it is going, it will be much easier to focus on where you can try cutting back. Keep us posted on how it goes. Hope you are feeling better.